Silent temper

Miroslav MOTYCIK - MIME /1960/ represents a person in the field of caricature, who would be called a `poeta doctus´ in poetry. His
intellectual background, his studies of philosophy and physics, his current job, as well as a whole range of magazines which he cooperates with in draftsmanship, makes him destined for maintaining an uncompromising position.Using the artistically voiced pseudonym MIME, he thoughtfully chooses distinctive themes: nature, ecology, diseases of civilization, threats against civilization, philosophising metaphors. He never chooses those hackneyed, "never-ending" inspirations when drawing, nor makes dispensable wisecracks which invoke anger or sadness.

Despite this, he is not just a cartoonist who combines sets of ideas. The basis of his access is not represented by cool calculation, but by spontaneous interest. However, he tries to keep his reactions under control, including his exasperation or waspish irony, trying to soften himself purposefully, using symbols as his basic means of expression. He prefers taciturn thinking, meditating for example, on an attractively "portrayed" lizard, bird or butterfly to decrying human mistakes or missing virtues. He appeals to the beholders' ability and evokes their personal opinion without using words or raising a warning finger. It would seem that he has understood that a word voiced in silence can be heard and perceived more profoundly than by resorting to outcries.

In contradiction to many other self-taught drawers, MIME does not identify himself with claims that drawing is a means to itself, but is also an important means of how to overcome the distance between a humorous idea and the beholder.

By his own confession, MIME’s idol is Dusan Polakovic, who he considers to be a perfectionist and with whom he shares his admiration for nature. MIME draws with painstaking concentration, meticulously working on his drawings up to the last detail. The resulting cartoon has a firm outline, punctiliously cross-hatching and developing graphic techniques. The monumental mission statement of MIME's cartoons assumes the form and strength of a warning symbol.


Artistic name: MIME©


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